Who Are You?

Networking effectiveness is strategic – it begins with knowing then distinguishing yourself

“All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they like, know and trust.” ~ Bob Burg’s Golden Rule of Networking

Relationships in business matter. Authentic relationships in business take success to another level. Yet many people miss out on engaging with some of their best networking opportunities for success because they are either missing a system, a competency, a personal commitment or possibly enough confidence to bring their “best game” to their interactions.

By “best game”, I mean “best version of one’s self.” People want to do business with happy, fulfilled, authentic people.

My name is Tara Schmakel, communications coach and networking strategist. Through my boutique coaching and consulting firm, I offer customized networking systems and personal assessment tools for professionals seeking to present themselves with ease and authenticity.

Discovering your personal strengths, energy patterns, DISC profile and Fascination Advantage create a strong base from which to gain personal confidence, improve your communication skills and create effective systems that can make engaging in networking and other business communications productive and fulfilling.

Whether you are a business or franchise owner or are an integral part of a corporate team, when you are playing to your strengths and do your “genius work”, others begin to know, like and trust you, accelerating your career and personal goal attainment.

I invite you to explore my speaking, coaching and consulting offerings. You will discover ways to find what makes you fascinating, how to overcome timid moments and the value of systems to network like a pro.

I customize each strategic program to serve your professional networking needs, bringing forth the best of you – for you and your organization.

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